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STL Care memberships include annual and per appointment fees.



Please thoroughly review our Membership Agreement, PRIOR to registration, as this fee is non-refundable. 

This fee will be charged annually, to the card on file.

scheduling fees 

A non-refundable Scheduling fee is paid via credit card, on our platform, each time a member schedules an appointment. An appointment is considered to be each singular request a member submits online.


 casual care 

 consistent care 

Normal Notice


48 hours or more before requested start time.

Rush Request


Less than 48 hours before requested start time.

Logistics Fee


This fee secures your spot! Paid at the time of submission.

Per Appointment Fee


Paid upon the acceptance of a care proposal.

+If we are unable to locate a provider for your casual request, the applicable scheduling fee will be added as a credit to your account, to be put towards future use.

EX: Your total # of appointments in care proposal = 10

($15 FEE x 10 APPTS) + $45 FEE = $195 TOTAL

*Payment to provider not included in above total.

hourly provider rates 

Our members pay providers directly at the end of each appointment - with cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal.

There is a 3-hour minimum for all appointment bookings on our platform.

*Gratuity is never expected, but always appreciated!

 casual care 

 consistent care 


All providers' hourly rate - regardless of the type of care!  


+Providers are owed for the full amount of time scheduled, regardless if the member chooses to end the appointment earlier than the scheduled and confirmed end time.

+Hourly provider rates are paid by the member, and directly upon departure. (Be sure to keep record of your payments disbursed & payments provided, as all STL Care providers are independent contractors.)

Cancellation fees 

+Cancellation Fees are paid online and distributed to your provider, regardless of the appointment type. 

+Appointments that are not cancelled online will result in full hourly rate and time being paid to provider.
+It is prohibited for members or providers to communicate cancellations outside of our platform - doing so will result in removal of all applicable accounts, from our platform. 

Advanced Notice 


> 3-hours before a confirmed start time.

Last Minute Notice 


< 3-hours, before a confirmed start time.

*Appointments cancelled within the last minute 'cancellation window' will be required to submit payment, upon cancellation, for the full amount of time previously scheduled & confirmed. This payment is sent directly to your provider to compensate for the last minute alteration in plans.

Overnight rate 

$75 (Flat Rate)

+Normal Hourly rates apply before 7pm, and after 7am.

+Please reach out to our office regarding the specifics & circumstances of your overnight.

Example Overnight Request: 

+Arrive - Monday @5pm

+Depart - Tuesday @12pm

1) 5pm-7pm: $17.50/hour x 2 hours = $35

2) 7pm-7am: $75 flat rate = $75

3) 7am-12pm: $17.5/hour x 5 hours = $87.50

Total Owed to Provider: ($35 + $75 + $87.50) = $197.50 

additional rates 

Additional rates, if applicable, should be calculated by your provider at the time of departure.

 mileage fees 

+Members are responsible for providing advanced notice within booking details for driving needs.

+Mileage fees only applied when providers are driving senior companions in their own [the provider's] vehicle.

+To request driving after an appointment is confirmed, please submit a Detail Change online and/or reach out to our office directly to assist further.

 Under 10 Miles of Travel 

$5 (Flat Fee)

 Over 10 Miles of Travel 

$.58 Per Mile

Calculating Budget_edited.jpg

Our Membership


Prospective Members are required to thoroughly review the following, 
PRIOR to registration: 

+Our Membership Agreement: Click to Review
+STL Care Member Guide: Click to Review
+Our Available Services: Click to Review
+Our Policies & Procedures: Click to Review
+Our Rates & Fees: Click to Review

As a small business, we are unable to provide refunds to those who are uninformed on the services we provide, and the fees applicable.

After registration, Members are required to manage their online account; and abide by the terms of the agreement, signed during registration, while using our platform. 

 A user account is subject to termination at any time, due to breech of the user's legal contract, signed at the time of registration / activation.

Reason for termination includes, but is not limited to: Inappropriate communications with our team that are rude or condescending; having unrealistic expectations of our staff that go outside our scope of listed services & procedures; and/or communicating with our providers outside of appointments. 

We choose to work with families & providers who are respectful and conscientious regarding the logistics of our operation, that includes the management of over 500+ quality providers and staff members.

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